Destiny 2 continues to suffer from server issues following DDoS attack

by Danny Craig  · 
Destiny 2 continues to suffer from server issues following DDoS attack

Bungie confirmed earlier last week that Destiny 2 was the victim of a DDoS attack, and while some players can now access the online shooter, others are still experiencing problems.

The details:

  • Bungie announced on September 20 that Destiny 2’s servers had fallen victim to a targeted DDoS attack, rendering the game nearly unplayable for most fans since then. Many players were unable to log in and encountered a variety of network-related error codes, while others were able to enter the game but were unable to access any of its planets.
  • The developer also revealed that DDoS attacks were common, but since it had recently patched the game's most bizarre bug, it decided it would be best to inform the public that the connection issues were unrelated.
  • Since then, it appears that the attacks have begun to subside, though some connectivity issues have persisted. After Bungie completed background maintenance on September 24, players are having difficulty redeeming bounties, environmental objects such as doors are failing to function, PVP matches are being ruled a draw even though they had just started, and enemies are refusing to die or target players. Some are also removed from activities after losing connection to the servers, only to be re-added back into them after a few seconds.
  • It is unknown who is behind the attacks or when they will stop, but it appears that either Bungie has discovered a way to defend its servers or the perpetrator has begun to slow down their attack. Players have noted that the servers appear to be struggling the most during peak times, which could be intentional by the offender looking to cause havoc among the Destiny 2 player base.

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