PlayStation Portal sold out as scalpers begin to resell systems

by Danny Craig  · 
PlayStation Portal sold out as scalpers begin to resell systems

Sony has announced that its new streaming handheld, the PlayStation Portal, has sold out, with systems now being sold at a 50% markup on eBay and other sites.

The details:

  • Sony announced the Portal back in August after months of rumors surrounding the device. The initial reaction was generally negative, as the system requires a PS5 as it uses its remote play feature as opposed to the PS Plus cloud streaming service. Due to this, it appears that Sony may have underestimated its demand, with players unable to purchase the device at launch.

  • Following its release on Wednesday, the console has already sold out on the official PlayStation store (via Eurogamer) in the UK and the US, with many of those sales being made by scalpers looking to make a quick buck. The system, which retails for $199.99, is now selling for more than $300 on sites like eBay, forcing those interested in purchasing it to wait until November 22 or early December in the UK and US, respectively.

  • So far, reviews of the device have been mixed, with many wondering why it doesn't support cloud streaming given Sony's recent push to offer the service to Plus subscribers. Some praised its long battery life and comfortable design, which is essentially a screen wedged between a Dualsense controller, while others were puzzled by its lack of a web browser, which made accessing public networks impossible at times.

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