Play as a puppy in a zombie-filled world: Indie developers release UE5 prototype "Project Pup"

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Play as a puppy in a zombie-filled world: Indie developers release UE5 prototype "Project Pup"
"Project Pup" by Pachesan & Hmoob000

"Project Pup," a free prototype game created by indie developer duo Pachesan and Hmoob000, introduces a unique gaming experience that blends spiritual themes with adventure.

Developed in Unreal Engine 5, the game sets players in a dream world where they are accompanied by the Holy Spirit and a loyal puppy companion.

Players navigate through a landscape inhabited by the living dead, striving to escape the dream.

"Project Pup" by Pachesan & Hmoob000

The game's distinctive premise, where the protagonist is reminded of the Word of God amidst the challenges, sets it apart in the gaming landscape.

The developers, who spent 10 months from February to October 2023 working on the prototype, recommend a GPU of 2070 Super or higher for the best gaming experience on "epic" settings. They advise against playing on Low and Medium settings to fully appreciate the game's visual aspects.

Pachesan led the development, while D. Hawj was responsible for the environmental and user interface elements. The game is available for download via Dropbox on its page, with detailed installation instructions provided to ensure a smooth setup process for players.

"Project Pup" by Pachesan & Hmoob000

Project Pup has drawn attention on platforms like Reddit, where users have likened it to the popular game "Stray," blended with the apocalyptic themes of "The Walking Dead" or "The Last of Us."

This comparison underlines the game's potential appeal to fans of adventure and survival genres, especially those who enjoy unique narrative elements.

As a prototype, Project Pup represents an initial exploration into a concept that combines gaming with spiritual and fantastical elements, showcasing the creative potential of indie game development in UE5.

Check out the prototype of Project Pup here.

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