Perfect Lap: A nostalgic arcade-style racing game

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Perfect Lap: A nostalgic arcade-style racing game
Perfect Lap

Drawing inspiration from classic racing games like Auto Modellista and RR Type 4, Perfect Lap is a unique indie racing game that combines nostalgic aesthetics with modern gameplay elements.

Developed by Tim Wightman, a talented UX, UI, and game designer based in London, Perfect Lap is a mobile racing game currently in progress. Tim describes it as a heartfelt tribute to the arcade racing games of the past.

Perfect Lap's art style pays homage to Ridge Racer Type 4, a popular PlayStation racing title. The game aims to provide a simplified experience for mobile gamers, not only in terms of scope and graphics but also in its overall execution.

One of the game's notable features is the customization option, which allows players to personalize their vehicles. By avoiding licensed cars and car parts, such as Veilside, Perfect Lap can offer a unique and diverse range of customization possibilities.

Tim's development process involved studying and analyzing the gameplay mechanics, user interfaces, and user experiences of renowned car video games like Gran Turismo, wipE′out″, and the Need for Speed series. Additionally, he drew inspiration from various sources such as guidebooks, car magazines, gaming artbooks, and other mobile racing titles like Asphalt 8, Real Racing 3, and Hovercraft: Takedown.

Perfect Lap

Perfect Lap has undergone three to four years of development, with Tim completing major portions of the game and then starting over to refine it further. Throughout this process, Tim found great satisfaction in mastering lighting techniques, enhancing textures, and achieving a cel-shaded look for the cars. The aim was to create a visual experience that emulates "live-action anime within the pages of a magazine."

As Perfect Lap continues to evolve, racing game enthusiasts eagerly anticipate its release. With its stylized visuals, streamlined gameplay, and customization options, Perfect Lap aims to capture the essence of classic arcade racing games while offering a fresh and captivating experience for mobile gamers.

Follow the development of Perfect Lap here.

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