Payday 3 will require an internet connection at all times

by Danny Craig  · 
Payday 3 will require an internet connection at all times
Starbreeze Studios

Starbreeze has confirmed that the third title in its heisting franchise will require players to be connected to the internet at all times, even if they are playing in single-player.

The details:

  • In a recent livestream, Starbreeze's Global Brand Director Almir Listo revealed that even those who want to play the game on their own with AI must connect to the internet. When a fan asked if Payday 3 had an offline mode like its predecessor, Listo replied, "No. You will be able to play by yourself, but I do believe you will have to have a connection in order to play, because it’s made in Unreal Engine and has cross-progression and cross-play. I do believe we need you to be online."
  • It had previously been suggested that an always-online model would be implemented in the game after Starbreeze released the game's system specifications on Steam ahead of its September release, which included the minimum requirement of a "Broadband Internet connection."
  • Fans are understandably outraged by the decision, with its dedicated subreddit flooded with complaints and memes about its implementation, with some even claiming that the game has been "ruined" as a result of a series of poor decisions made by its developer. As many have pointed out, always-online games may not appear to be a major issue at first as most players have some sort of service; however, those with unstable connections may find the game unplayable, and it also means that if the servers go down, all copies, including physical copies, will be rendered unplayable.

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