Nintendo officially announces Animal Crossing Lego sets

by Danny Craig  · 
Nintendo officially announces Animal Crossing Lego sets

After insiders claimed that the sets would be released next year, Nintendo has finally confirmed their existence.

The details:

  • Nintendo announced the Lego sets via its official X accounts, giving us a glimpse of how its iconic villagers will look in Lego form. Outside of what appears to be a "balloon present," the short teaser doesn't provide much information about what builds will be released or when to expect them.
  • Earlier this year, details about potential Animal Crossing Lego sets were leaked, with five different sets containing between 170 and 535 pieces appearing in an online database. Larger builds are thought to include Nook's Cranny, the player's home, and the unique stylized houses belonging to the various villagers found in the games. The sets are expected to be released in March 2024 and are expected to cost between $15 and $75.
  • Nintendo has previously collaborated with Lego on several occasions, creating a line of Mario-themed sets such as a large Bowser, a question block, and Donkey Kong's treehouse. It has also released a replica of the original NES with an old-school TV, which features an 8-bit Mario recreation that can move across the screen.

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