New Silent Hill 2 remake trailer met with mixed reception

by Danny Craig  · 
New Silent Hill 2 remake trailer met with mixed reception

Konami has released a new trailer for Bloober Team's remake of Silent Hill 2, but many fans are unimpressed with the updated gameplay, particularly the game’s combat.

The details:

  • After disappearing from the spotlight following its announcement in 2022, the game made its return in PlayStation's most recent State of Play. The gameplay has now shifted to a Resident Evil remake-style third-person action perspective, with protagonist James Sunderland using melee weapons and guns to defeat enemies like in the original game.

  • Unfortunately, the reveal has not gone over well, with many fans criticizing the emphasis on combat, claiming that James was deliberately weak in the original game to emphasize the horror aspect. It has been argued that increasing the player's fighting ability detracts from the series' focus on fear.

  • However, some fans believe that the gameplay change isn't as significant as others claim. Noting that James still fights with the same capabilities he had in the original and that Bloober Team has simply modernized its controls.

  • Bloober Team has previously stated that it is committed to keeping the remake close to the original Silent Hill 2, with improvements made where necessary. This includes retaining the iconic set pieces and storyline. The developer also shared in November that it needed more time to finish the project, and there is still no set release date.

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