Netflix announces two new indie games with imminent releases

by Danny Craig  · 
Netflix announces two new indie games with imminent releases
Rogue Games

The gaming division of the streaming giant has announced that two brand new indie titles are on the way, with one releasing later this month.

The details:

  • Netflix has recently confirmed that it has acquired the mobile rights to two games from indie publisher Rogue Games. Dust & Neon and Highwater will be available for free on mobile devices for anyone subscribed to Netflix’s streaming service, with no in-app monetization or ads.
  • Dust & Neon is described as a "fast-paced, Roguelite action RPG twin-stick shooter" by Rogue Games. It's set in a futuristic Wild West and includes nearly 2,000 weapons, each with its own reload animation that must be manually actioned. It's set to be released on February 16, and you can check out the gameplay trailer here.
  • Highwater is the second game, a turn-based strategy and adventure title in which players must scavenge for supplies and survive in a world where the ice caps have melted, resulting in oceans covering the majority of the planet. The ultimate goal is for the player's group to reach Alphaville in order to board a rocket to Mars and escape post-apocalyptic Earth. We have no news of a release date after the game missed its original 2022 launch window; however, given that the game was included in the deal, it's likely not too far away. You can view the game’s 2022 Summer Game Fest teaser trailer here.

What else is happening with Netflix’s gaming division?

  • In January, we noticed that Netflix had increased hiring at its studio in Los Angeles. A significant number of the roles required high levels of experience, including many management roles, so it appears that the studio is still finding its footing. If you’re interested in applying for a position at the studio, you can check all of the available listings here.
  • Netflix has just released Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge for mobile devices to its subscribers. The 2022 beat 'em up is a throwback to the classic arcade game style found in the beloved TMNT releases from the 1990s. The game itself was received positively, so it might be a nice pickup for those looking to scratch the retro itch.
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