Naughty Dog reportedly working on The Last of Us 2 Remastered

by Danny Craig  · 
Naughty Dog reportedly working on The Last of Us 2 Remastered
Naughty Dog

It appears that a Naughty Dog developer unintentionally revealed that the studio is now working on a PlayStation 5 remaster of 2020's The Last of Us Part II.

The details:

  • Fans discovered that Naughty Dog lead outsource artist Mark Pajarillo's LinkedIn profile mentioned the existence of "The Last of Us 2: Remastered," which Sony has yet to officially announce. “Responsible for overseeing the production of all outsourced environment art assets, weapons, and interactive props for two iconic titles The Last of Us: Part One and The Last of Us 2: Remastered,” read Pajarillo’s LinkedIn profile.
  • After the mention of the remaster was spotted, the profile was then updated to remove mention of the unconfirmed title, simply stating that Pajarillo had worked on The Last of Us: Part I, the remaster of the original game released last year.
  • During an interview with Blender in July, The Last of Us Part II composer Gustavo Santaolalla stated that an "enhanced version" of the game was in the works. When speaking with Vandal, he doubled down on the claim, saying that in a "new version" of the game, players can make Santaolalla's cameo character perform specific tracks, before adding that he cannot reveal any more details about the project.

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