Modern Warfare 3 cheaters begin to surface during PlayStation-exclusive beta

by Danny Craig  · 
Modern Warfare 3 cheaters begin to surface during PlayStation-exclusive beta

Despite only being available for a limited time to PlayStation players, cheaters using aimbots and other hacks have begun to appear in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III beta.

The details:

  • In a short video posted by X user @Duqys, a cheater can be seen using some kind of powerful aimbot to track players perfectly, even through solid walls. Although these types of cheats aren't new in the world of online gaming, they are extremely rare to see on the current generation of systems without crossplay with PC players.
  • It is unknown how the hacks are being used as the PS5 has yet to be modified to allow the use of online cheats. According to @ModernWarzone, it’s speculated that the individual may have used a jailbroken and modded PS4 since the last-gen version of the game can also access the beta.
  • MP1st, on the other hand, disputes the use of a modded console, claiming that there is no public jailbreak firmware for the PS4 that allows players to access online features. Instead, it's been suggested that the cheater is running a modified version of the game through a dev kit that can connect to the beta's servers.
  • Call of Duty has struggled with cheaters since its inception, prompting to Activision implement its "Ricochet" anti-cheat system, which includes a variety of methods for catching and studying offenders. Unfortunately, cheating appears to have become more of an issue in the last year, with players bringing themselves to disable crossplay with PC to play Modern Warfare II's ranked play, with many of the game's highest-ranking players using undetected cheating software.

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