Naughty Dog is now hiring for its next project

by Danny Craig  · 
Naughty Dog is now hiring for its next project
Naughty Dog

Several new artist positions at The Last of Us developer Naughty Dog have been spotted on its careers page, all of which appear to be related to its upcoming game, which is thought to be a new IP.

The details:

  • The new openings searching for a "Lead Environment Concept Artist," "Senior Character Artist," and "Senior Character Concept Artist" state that successful applicants will be "creating the next generation of award-winning storytelling," although the descriptions themselves don't reveal much else about the project.
  • The job descriptions for both character artist roles state that candidates will be tasked with creating models for creatures and humans in a "realistic" world. This immediately indicates that it could be linked to the rumored The Last of Us 3 due to the series' realistic and dark style. However, studio co-president Neil Druckmann stated that these rumors were false and that the studio was "into" its next project.
  • Given that it doesn't appear to be related to TLOU and that it can't be linked to Uncharted after Druckmann declared that the studio had "moved on" from the franchise, it's most likely an entirely new IP. Considering that all three roles are for senior-level artists, two of which are related to concept art, it also appears that it's still in the early stages of production.

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