Live-action Pokémon TV series “Pokétsume” receives its first trailer

by Danny Craig  · 
Live-action Pokémon TV series “Pokétsume” receives its first trailer

Pokétsume, a live-action TV series based on Pokémon, has finally received its first trailer, giving fans a glimpse of the first "Pokémon human drama.”

The details:

  • The trailer provides a more in-depth look at the life of the lead character, Madoka Agaki, a young woman who moves to Tokyo to work at the advertising agency ADventure. Madoka receives a package from her mother containing a Game Boy and a copy of Pokémon Red after a stressful move, resulting in her playing the game and becoming heavily invested in the experience. Unlike Detective Pikachu, no actual Pokémon will appear in the real world, with the series focused on the game itself.
  • Along with the trailer, new details about the show's characters and their connection to the Pokémon franchise have been revealed. According to Serebii, the cast of the show will be based on various monsters, with Madoka's coworker Kageaki Hiyama based on Charmander as he feels his flame is about to go out, and company president Koichi Yadoya based on Slowpoke since he is frequently forgetful.
  • The series will premiere on TV Tokyo on October 19, but no information about an international release has been announced as of yet. The Pokémon Company may create an official dubbed or subbed version of the show after its original Japanese run, but it's almost certain that fans will create their own localizations for those who refuse to wait until then.

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