Johan: A medieval rabbit prototype made in Unreal Engine 5

by Rachel Lyon  · 
Johan: A medieval rabbit prototype made in Unreal Engine 5
Quentin Tireloque

In the realm of game development, creative minds continuously push the boundaries of imagination, resulting in captivating projects that whisk players away to extraordinary worlds. In this article, we delve into the work of Quentin Tireloque, a talented 3D Animator at ZeDrimeTim, a Paris-based studio. Quentin has shared a video showcasing the latest gameplay features and animations for their medieval rabbit game project named 'Johan'.

Quentin Tireloque's passion for endearingly strange illustrations of medieval rabbits served as the spark for 'Johan'. With a desire to delve into the intricacies of Unreal Engine, Quentin embarked on creating this game project in his free time. 'Johan' represents the culmination of his creativity and serves as a platform for learning and honing his skills.

The highlight of the video lies in the demonstration of the newly added gameplay features. Quentin's expertise as a 3D Animator shines through in the carefully crafted animations, which breathe life into Johan's movements. Viewers are treated to a glimpse of Johan's walking, running, and jumping animations, each reflecting the unique personality and agility of this endearing medieval rabbit.

Fluid and seamless transitions between animations bring Johan's movements to life, adding a layer of realism and immersion to the game experience. The animations strike a delicate balance between the charm of medieval illustrations and the demands of interactive gameplay, resulting in a captivating fusion of aesthetics and functionality.

This project serves as a reminder of the power of personal projects in fostering creativity, honing skills, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in game development. As we eagerly anticipate the further development of 'Johan', we can only imagine the delightful surprises and immersive experiences that await us in this whimsical medieval rabbit's journey.

You can follow updates for the project on Quentin Tireloque's ArtStation and Reddit.

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