Impressive ballistics FX in Unreal Engine 5 from Cubit Studios

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Impressive ballistics FX in Unreal Engine 5 from Cubit Studios

Cubit Studios has recently introduced an impressive ballistics special effects library for Unreal Engine 5, offering game developers a wide range of impactful visuals. The library includes 93 impact particles designed for various materials, ensuring realistic and immersive projectile impacts in games of any genre. In addition to the impact particles, the collection also features ricochet effects, destruction fragment effects, and even a grenade launcher with shrapnel capabilities. With this comprehensive arsenal of ballistics effects, developers can enhance the visual experience of their games and create thrilling moments for players.

The latest version 1.1 of the library brings even more exciting additions. It introduces muzzle flashes and smoke effects, explosive canister blueprints, shell casing effects, frag grenades, impact sound effects, and improvements to the existing effects. These enhancements further expand the possibilities for creating dynamic and visually captivating gameplay moments. Moreover, a modified first-person blueprint example is included, showcasing features such as procedural recoil, weapon selection, and a bullet time mode. Game developers can take advantage of these examples or customize them according to their specific needs.

To demonstrate the capabilities of the ballistics effects, Cubit Studios has provided example blueprints for pistols, assault rifles, and large-caliber ammunition. They have also included a material system and bullet ricochet examples. Additionally, a demo map is available, featuring various material examples and destructible meshes ready for experimentation. The library offers versatility, allowing developers to choose their preferred methods of spawning the effects, and comes with a PDF containing migration instructions and licensing details.

Find out more about the pack here.

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