Immortals of Aveum has been delayed by a month

by Danny Craig  · 
Immortals of Aveum has been delayed by a month
Ascendant Studios

Ahead of the fantasy shooter title’s launch, it has been announced that the July release date has been pushed back to August to "realize [its] full vision."

The details:

  • In a new blog post, Ascendant Studios announced that its upcoming first-person shooter Immortals of Aveum has been pushed back from July 20 to August 22. The reason for the delay, according to the studio, is to "realize [its] full vision," with the extra weeks allowing the developer to "further polish the game, finish optimizing all platforms, and deliver a strong launch." It will be released under the EA Originals label on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.
  • The title began development as the studio's first project five years ago, following the formation of former Electronic Arts and Sledgehammer Games creative director Bret Robbins and several ex-EA and Telltale developers. "We set out five years ago to ambitiously make an original Magic FPS in a new fantasy world," said Robbins. "Along the way, we worked through a pandemic, built a new team, developed on Unreal Engine 5.1, and pushed the boundaries of what we thought was possible. Now, the finish line is in sight."
  • More information about Immortals of Aveum was revealed earlier this year, including some insights into the game's puzzles, which influenced level design, role-playing elements such as unique loot and a dialogue system, and pacing, which was heavily influenced by the rebooted God of War series. Regarding the game's FPS gameplay, Robbins stated that he believes it is less Call of Duty-like and more like a "bit of Doom or Bioshock in there.”

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