Modern Warfare II Raids: What they are and how to get started

by Cam Brierley  ·  Updated 
Modern Warfare II Raids: What they are and how to get started

On December 14, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II released its Season 1 Reloaded update, which brings with it an exciting new game mode: Raids.

Here’s everything you need to know about the first Raid, Atomgrad, and how you and your friends can experience it yourselves.

The details:

  • Modern Warfare II’s first Raid is part of a larger update called Reload. Included in this are quality-of-life changes, balancing updates, and a change to LA Thieves’ team kit that had previously caused a stir in the community.

  • The inaugural Raid is called Atomgrad and is a three-person co-op mission where players will take control of franchise-regulars Gaz, Price, and Farah to triumph over a set of combat challenges and puzzles.

  • The mode is only playable with three players; it can’t be completed as a solo or duo. What’s more, you’ll need to already have your teammates added as friends, as the mode does not support matchmaking.

  • Raids will be added to the core Modern Warfare II game, so you must have purchased the full title to access Atomgrad and future Raids. It’s not enough to simply have the free version of Warzone 2.0 installed.

  • Atomgrad’s storyline—and that of future Raids—picks up where Modern Warfare II’s campaign ended, so we’d suggest finishing that off first before hopping into this new mode.

  • Completing the Raid will earn you different rewards. Raids are attached to the game’s Spec Ops missions, so you can give yourself an edge by leveling up your Kits in that mode first, as you’ll be carrying them into Atomgrad.

  • For an insider’s look into how the Atomgrad Raid was made, check out Infinity Ward’s behind-the-scenes teaser here.

How do I unlock the Atomgrad Raid?

To gain access to the Raid, one of your three party members will need to earn a Raid Assignment. A Raid Assignment is obtained through any of the following:

  • Completing a specific Daily Challenge in Multiplayer or Specs Ops mode

  • Placing within the top 20 in a Warzone 2.0 match

  • Extracting from a DMZ match with at least $30,000 banked

Note: only one of your party’s three players needs to have a Raid Assignment for you to access the mode. These will last for one week, after which one of the three of you will need to unlock a fresh Raid Assignment.

So gather your buddies, obtain a Raid Assignment, and start exploring Atomgrad!

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