GTA VI’s trailer arrives early following leaks

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GTA VI’s trailer arrives early following leaks
Rockstar Games

The long-awaited trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI has arrived earlier than expected, providing us with our first look at the latest iteration of Vice City.

The details:

  • After a low-quality version of the trailer leaked on social media, Rockstar decided to post the reveal more than a half-day earlier than planned, and it has racked up over 56 million views in just 12 hours. "Our trailer has leaked so please watch the real thing on YouTube." Rockstar wrote on X.

  • The game was also given a release window of 2025, which likely means we won’t be getting our hands on it until the latter half of that year. It also looks like PC players will be waiting a bit longer, with only PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions mentioned by the studio.

  • The trailer also revealed that the leaks that everyone was skeptical about were correct, with the game's protagonists being a Bonnie and Clyde-style duo, Lucia and James. It's also set in Vice City's state, Leonida, which is heavily based on Florida, as shown by the number of sunny beaches, palm trees, neon lights, crocodiles, and notoriously wild antics of its residents.

  • While there's too much to dissect here, it's clear that Rockstar will be focusing more on modern "issues" like people attempting to gain fame through social media, with a large portion of the trailer dedicated to crazy clips from the in-universe counterparts to X (Twitter) and Instagram Live.

  • While everyone was celebrating the release of the trailer, Rockstar employees were understandably disappointed by the leak. In a now-deleted tweet (via VGC), senior gameplay animator Javier Altman stated that the leak "fucking sucks" and that he was "hoping to watch this for the first time tomorrow along with my fellow teammates and coworkers. I feel we deserved that moment.” Fortunately, it appears that the positive response has softened the blow. “Literally crying tears of joy right now at the response everyone is having. I can’t believe I get to be a part of this,” Altman said.

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