GTA V actor Ned Luke swatted during a recent livestream

by Danny Craig  · 
GTA V actor Ned Luke swatted during a recent livestream
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Ned Luke, best known for his role as Michael De Santa in Grand Theft Auto V, was swatted while playing the game during a Thanksgiving livestream, prompting fans to blame the game's potential security risks.

The details:

  • In a clip shared by Dexerto, sirens can be heard in the background as Luke chats with viewers over GTA V, eventually leading to him receiving a call informing him that the police were outside and him ending the stream. "Oh nice," he said. "Alright I've gotta go, now these assholes have swatted my house."

  • This prompted some fans to point the finger at a current security flaw in GTA V's online mode, where those using mod menus can easily find the IP address and general location of all players in a lobby, although the information is rather inaccurate. After resolving the situation, Luke went to X to refute these claims, claiming that his personal information was leaked "years ago" and that someone likely found it by simply searching online.

  • Swatting—the act of reporting a fake crime to local police in order to have armed officers appear at an address—has long been a problem for popular streamers. Popular Kick and Twitch streamer xQc has made it clear that he is a frequent victim of swatting, most recently sharing that it happened again on his birthday. A fan who used to work as a pizza delivery driver in Luke's area also confirmed that Luke had been swatted previously.

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