GTA RP players advised to remove any content relating to real-world third-party IPs

by Danny Craig  · 
GTA RP players advised to remove any content relating to real-world third-party IPs

The team behind FiveM and RedM has warned players to remove content from their servers that may infringe on real-world intellectual property, such as weapons and car brands and designs.

The details:

  • The team warned against using real-world IPs in roleplaying servers powered by the mod in its October "Community Pulse" post. Its Platform License Agreement (PLA) was released last month, and it states that using custom assets such as real brands, vehicle designs, and other models, as well as models from other titles, may result in legal action taken against the server by the owners of the trademarks and assets.
  • Most popular FiveM servers allow players to drive real-world cars, complete with their original brands like Nissan and Mazda. Some have since "de-badged" cars to remove manufacturer references, but has explained that this does not always protect servers, and instead suggests the community create its own "unique vehicles and brands" for use in roleplaying.
  • has also stated that it does not allow players to import maps from other Rockstar games, despite the fact that the developer is now a subsidiary of the company as of August 2023. Maps from GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption are used as examples, with the studio stating that "FiveM and RedM are about creating your own custom version of the world in GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2."
  • The community's reaction to the statement has been mixed, with some simply accepting that this would eventually become an issue due to how protective companies can be over their properties, while others believe it will negatively impact the roleplaying experience.

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