GTA 6 seems to pick up steam with new job listings

by Adam Fitch  · 
GTA 6 seems to pick up steam with new job listings

Rockstar Games is ramping up its development efforts as demonstrated by an influx of job listings on Hitmarker.

New developments: Rockstar's beefing up its workforce.

  • There are 223 opportunities live on Hitmarker at the time of publication.
  • Dozens of which are new to the platform, comprised of many different professions.
  • Opportunities are spread across many locations, from New York City, to Edinburgh in Scotland, to Tokyo.
  • The developer is looking to hire staff across the likes of software development, artists, production, content design, programmers, and animation.
  • If you'd love to work for Rockstar Games, or you're just interested in what the company is doing on the hiring front, then be sure to keep an eye on the company's page on Hitmarker.

Rumors and speculation: Is GTA 6 on the way?

  • Many job listings make sense in the context of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, sparking speculation that they're for an upcoming installment.
  • It's reported that GTA 6 could well mark a return to Vice City if leaked information pertaining to characters and radio stations is anything to go by.
  • There's no confirmation that these listings are applicable to a future title, however. Rockstar Games is still actively working on GTA Online as it builds out a monthly membership program known as GTA+.
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