Forsaken Realms: Vahrin's Call: A New Stylized Action-RPG

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Forsaken Realms: Vahrin's Call: A New Stylized Action-RPG
Forsaken Realms: Vahrin's Call

Venture into the captivating world of high fantasy with "Forsaken Realms: Vahrin's Call," the latest indie RPG gem from Titan Roc. In this immersive action-RPG, players find themselves in the enchanting realm of Leyda, tasked with an unforeseen destiny as they journey to the war-torn city of Vahrin.

The game opens with a city besieged by the Khraiax swarm, a relentless threat that sparks a coalition of Free Cities, led by the valiant King Aldous Symme, to rally for Vahrin's defense. However, victory proves ephemeral as an even darker menace takes root upon the Khraiax's defeat. With allies abandoning Vahrin, the last bastion of hope lies in the hands of the city's unwavering defenders.

As you traverse the depths of Vahrin, "Forsaken Realms: Vahrin's Call" presents a compelling blend of aiding its beleaguered inhabitants, unraveling intricate secrets, and facing off against formidable adversaries. What truly sets this title apart is its customization options, offering players an array of magical spells, unique skills, and diverse weapons and attire to tailor their character to their preferred playstyle.

This indie RPG boasts an entirely original high fantasy universe, setting the stage for an epic narrative that spans continents. With its challenging foes, hidden puzzles, and full controller support, "Forsaken Realms: Vahrin's Call" beckons players to lose themselves in a richly crafted world brimming with adventure and intrigue.

The game is yet to have a release date but you can Wishlist on Steam here.

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