Forget the world for two-and-a-half minutes with this Blender-made wooden marble machine

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Forget the world for two-and-a-half minutes with this Blender-made wooden marble machine
"Relaxing Wooden Marble Machine" by Alan Luk

Alan Luk, a Blender simulation artist from Hong Kong known for their expertise in 3D animation and physics simulation, has recently captured the attention of the r/blender subreddit community with their latest creation, "Relaxing Wooden Marble Machine."

Presented under the title "Forget the world for 2 minutes," Luk's project is a meticulously crafted digital rendition of a wooden marble machine that offers viewers a mesmerizing and calming visual experience.

Using Blender's rigid body physics for the movement of the marbles, Luk has achieved a highly realistic simulation, ensuring the marbles not only slide but also roll convincingly along the tracks.

The project, which comprises around 20 individual clips, required two days of rigorous rendering.

Luk's attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the simulation, from the smoothly rounded tracks, which they modeled in a straightforward, non-modified manner, to the individual blocks and the seamless integration of the components.

The marbles, wooden structures, and additional elements were sourced from the Blender market, while the accompanying music "Abstract Beat by Trigubovich" from Envato Elements and the video editing in Adobe Premiere added to the overall polished presentation.

Luk's choice of the Cycles render engine in Blender further enhanced the visual appeal of the simulation.

Reddit users have reacted with admiration and appreciation, with comments ranging from finding the simulation "mesmerizing" and "beautiful" to it being a soothing influence during stressful times.

The level of detail in the simulation was so convincing that some viewers initially mistook it for a physical object.

Luk's creation stands as a testament to the power of Blender as a tool for creating highly detailed and emotionally resonant 3D art, offering a brief yet impactful escape into a world of serene motion and craftsmanship.

If you're as captivated by their videos as we are, it's worth following Luk on YouTube and Instagram to see more of their work.

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