Final Fantasy VII fans are fighting over Rebirth's usage of yellow paint

by Danny Craig  · 
Final Fantasy VII fans are fighting over Rebirth's usage of yellow paint
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Just a week after the demo for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was released, fans are already fighting about some of its design decisions, specifically the use of yellow paint to mark the intended path for players.

The details:

  • The discourse began with a tweet from @DaveOshry, who said that the "yellow paint virus" had "infected" the game and included an image of Cloud climbing up ledges painted in a bright yellow color. Although this may have been posted as a joke, those with both positive and negative views on the design decision have ended up in a debate.

  • One group believes that using the infamous paint technique to label interactive geometry is a sign of a lack of creativity and an example of modern games being too "hands-on" with the player. It is also argued that random splashes of paint can ruin immersion if discovered in unexplored areas.

  • The opposing viewpoint asserts that the paint may be required for accessibility reasons, as a contrast against a darker surface is much easier to see. Others have pointed out that the previous entry in the remake trilogy made extensive use of arrows to guide players in the right direction, and that the original 1997 title also allowed players to highlight other areas and even themselves with arrows at any time.

  • Game designers have also weighed in on the debate, with many claiming that a lot of players require guidance from a game to understand basic features. SMG Studio's Dave Lockman revealed that when he showed off his title "One More Jump" at PAX years ago, many players needed to be instructed on how to jump, despite the single giant button doing so.

  • The debate over yellow paint in video games has raged for years, with Resident Evil 4's remake sparking further discussion after it was used to highlight breakable objects and ladders.

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