Fans believe the moon hints at an October reveal for GTA 6

by Danny Craig  · 
Fans believe the moon hints at an October reveal for GTA 6

Grand Theft Auto fans are desperate for information about the release of GTA 6, and their latest claim is that the moon featured in a new Rockstar tweet suggests a reveal on October 3.

The details:

  • Rockstar's most recent tweet, posted on September 29, shows two characters standing in front of the Vinewood sign in Los Santos at night. Initially, all eyes were drawn to the left of the characters, where only the "VI" from the sign can be seen clearly, leading many to believe that this was a reference to the highly anticipated GTA 6, with "VI" being Roman numerals for the number 6.
  • Some fans, on the other hand, chose to delve deeper into the image, this time focusing on the large moon to the right of the characters. X user @GTAVInewz shared an annotated version of the image highlighting the in-game waning gibbous moon, which has been thought to indicate an October 3 reveal date as the real moon will be in the same phase. The fans also point out that October 3 is a Tuesday, and Rockstar usually makes announcements on Tuesdays, especially during October.
  • Reactions to this theory have been typical. Most are mocking the attempt to decipher an image that may or may not be related to any kind of announcement and dismissing it all as a desperate fan's reach. However, some support the theory, claiming that everything "lines up." We'll find out whether the theory is correct tomorrow, and if it isn't, fans still have the rest of October to wait for an announcement.

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