Fans believe OD could be connected to Kojima's P.T.

by Danny Craig  · 
Fans believe OD could be connected to Kojima's P.T.
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Following the release of the teaser for Hideo Kojima's new game, OD, fans have discovered a number of hints indicating that the project may be related to the designer's canceled Silent Hills title.

The details:

  • After closely examining a YouTube upload of the teaser from The Game Awards, fans discovered that letters can be found in the mouths of the actors in the video in certain frames that spell out "ATAMI."

  • It's thought that Atami is referring to the city of the same name in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, which is rumored to be the basis for the name of the fictional town of Silent Hill due to the development team's location in the prefecture. Shizuoka can also be written as "静岡" with the first character meaning "silence" or "silent" and the second translating to "hill."

  • Aside from the discovery, rumors of OD's connection to P.T. and Silent Hills began when the game was first leaked as "Overdose" in 2022, with gameplay footage demonstrating that it would be a horror title. The rumor became more convincing when Kojima entered the stage through a door that looked exactly like the one in P.T. at TGA, so we could be in for a successor to the project.

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