Fable designer Peter Molyneux teases new project for PC and consoles

by Danny Craig  · 
Fable designer Peter Molyneux teases new project for PC and consoles

Former Lionhead co-founder and Fable lead designer Peter Molyneux has teased his latest project, marking the first time that his studio 22cans will move out of the mobile gaming market and over to PCs and consoles.

The details:

  • Molyneux began discussing his new game in a recent interview with Gamereactor by admitting that he "used" to overhype his projects ahead of their release almost every time and that he would not do so during this interview because it would make people "very angry and upset." Despite this, he claims that the 22cans team has discovered a "mechanic that has never been seen in a game before" and that the game will be "a lot more like a kind of Fable, Black and White, Dungeon Keeper kind of experience.”
  • In terms of actual game details, such as its genre, Molyneux remained tight-lipped, stating that while he wanted to show the interviewer the pitch video, it "would be the start of the slippery slope of telling everyone," which is probably for the best given his track record of underdelivering on promises dating back to the original Fable. Molyneux also revealed that, for the first time since the Black and White, he is assisting in its coding and that it has been "evolving" for nearly five years.
  • Since its inception in 2012, 22cans has released a small number of titles, all of which have been released on mobile with PC versions. This included the social experiment Curiosity: What's Inside the Cube? which required players to tap through billions of small cubes to reach the center of a larger cube for a "life-changing" prize, which turned out to be the player's inclusion in Godus as the god himself as well as a portion of its revenue. Unfortunately for the winner, Godus was a failure, and he received none of the promised revenue.

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