Epic Games walks back on age-restricting Fortnite cosmetics

by Danny Craig  · 
Epic Games walks back on age-restricting Fortnite cosmetics
Epic Games

Epic Games has announced that it will remove age restrictions from several cosmetics in Fortnite while it works on a new long-term solution, with only a few remaining locked behind the system.

The details:

  • Epic Games announced last week that age ratings would be added to in-game content in Fortnite, affecting islands, music packs, loading screens, and, most notably, skins. Due to slightly more mature themes, the restrictions prevented a significant portion of the paid cosmetics from being usable in islands without a "teen" rating.

  • The decision was swiftly labeled the "worst update in the history of the game" and led to considerable backlash. Epic has now announced that the restrictions will be lifted, and the company is looking into a better long-term solution. The change will arrive in update v28.00 on December 3.

  • Not everything will be removed from the list, however, with Epic stating that a “small number of existing cosmetics and less than ten outfits will remain playable only in T-rated (or regionally equivalent-rated) islands because of their obvious fear or violence elements.” The company has yet to share which cosmetics have specifically been affected, though it's likely the Alien Xenomorph skin and the upcoming severed head of the Immortal accessory will be included in the list.

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