Epic Games Store is still unprofitable after five years

by Danny Craig  · 
Epic Games Store is still unprofitable after five years
Epic Games

Epic Games has revealed that the Epic Games Store, which launched in December 2018, has yet to turn a profit.

The details:

  • As reported by The Verge, EGS general manager Steve Allison stated during the company's court case against Google that the store is still losing money as it continues to focus on "growth." Furthermore, according to emails revealed during the trial, Epic aimed to capture half of all PC gaming revenue, which is quite ambitious given the platform's current state.

  • After launching in December 2018 as a competitor to Valve's Steam, the EGS has not been well received, with many criticizing its smaller library of games as well as its client's slow technical performance. Epic struck several deals with publishers in an attempt to attract users to the store, including giving away free weekly games of varying popularity and securing timed exclusivity deals for titles such as Final Fantasy VII Remake and Alan Wake 2.

  • Epic has also launched two programs to attract new developers to its platform: one that offers 100% revenue share for six months in exchange for exclusivity, and another that targets developers with back catalogs and encourages them to bring their older titles to the service.

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