EA files patent to allow players to voice in-game characters

by Danny Craig  · 
EA files patent to allow players to voice in-game characters
Electronic Arts

EA has filed a patent for a feature that would allow players to voice their in-game characters using a voice convertor.

The details:

  • As spotted by VeryAli Gaming, the publisher submitted the patent in October, which outlines a system that would allow players to speak into a synthesizer and convert their real voice into that of their in-game character through “acoustic feature encodings,” essentially becoming their own voice actor.

  • Players would also be able to enter text into the system, which would result in their character speaking the exact phrase they requested. It can also detect tone, emotion, and emphasis, which may be useful in improving immersion in games like RPGs and other narrative-driven titles.

  • The idea has received generally negative feedback from players, with many simply stating that they would prefer not to hear their own voice, while others have pointed out that this could be another attempt to replace voice actors. Recently, Embark Studios came under fire for using AI voiceovers in The Finals, sparking a discussion about developers potentially replacing human actors with more cost-effective methods, with EA's patent potentially adding to the issue if it were to be implemented.

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