EA CEO dismisses reports of a potential acquisition

by Adam Fitch  · 
EA CEO dismisses reports of a potential acquisition

Gaming giant Electronic Arts made the news in May regarding a potential acquisition, but now its CEO has denied such reports.

The story: It was reported that a potential acquisition was on the cards.

The denial: CEO Andrew Wilson spoke on the reports in a recent earnings call.

  • Wilson spoke on many facets of EA's business, as transcribed by Seeking Alpha.
  • "I'm sure you don't expect me to comment on rumors and speculation from some small red media outlets, but be that as it may," EA's CEO said. "I think we are in an incredible position. We're soon to be the largest stand-alone independent developer and publisher of interactive entertainment in the world."
  • From allegations of workplace misconduct to the global pandemic and now the ongoing economic crisis, it's not been an easy few years for many employees in the gaming industry. Wilson spoke on what his company is doing to ensure EA staff are happy.
  • "From career development and wellness programs to workplace experiences and technology that inspires collaboration and innovation, we strive to make Electronic Arts a great place to work and grow," he said.
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