DotX Talent battles conflicts of interest with player transfer service

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DotX Talent battles conflicts of interest with player transfer service

DotX Talent, a gaming and esports agency that launched in early 2022, has started a player transfer service as it aims to battle conflicts of interest in the industry.

The service: It launched on June 1.

  • The service has been founded to allow players to tap DotX to negotiate contracts and transfers on their behalf without the need for a long-term commitment.
  • With transparency in mind, the agency has clearly stated the cost of such a service. Players will be charged $756 (£600) plus an amount that's equivalent to 5% of the player's annual salary, which can be paid in installments.
  • Not only is the service priced at a point the agency feels is accessible for most (if not all) professional players, it's been devised to prevent conflicted scenarios such as an agency representing players that are competing for spots on the same teams.

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The importance: Have no doubt, this is rare in esports.

  • Conflicts of interest are rife in the esports industry, even at the talent management level. It's well-known behind the scenes that there are esports organizations that represent their players and talent as agents while having them signed as competitors and/or brand ambassadors, presenting a number of potential conflicts. Some companies are more open about such operations, such as TSM and its sister company ICON.
  • It's possible that an agency in the industry could be representing both a team and players that the teams want to sign, presenting a clear conflict of interest. The agency could prioritize the team's best interests and cut a deal that highly favors them, for example.
  • DotX Talent is getting ahead of player-related conflicts with this move, which is a promising sign that it's aiming to be a legitimate entity that has its clients' best interests at heart. “We think it is critical that professional players have all the information they need when they are thinking about entering into a contract to make sure their rights are protected," said the agency's Head of Partnerships, Mitsouko Anderson.
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