Dark Light: An Indie Action-Platformer Playable in Cinematic or Pixel Mode

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Dark Light: An Indie Action-Platformer Playable in Cinematic or Pixel Mode
Dark Light

Dark Light, an enthralling indie game, offers players an experience within a post-apocalyptic Cyberpunk universe. This Metroidvania action-platformer invites gamers to embrace the role of the last Dark Hunter, a revered faction of human warriors. Their pivotal mission: to vanquish the encroaching darkness born from the Dark Void and rescue humanity from impending peril. The game captivates players with its fast-paced combat and dynamic world.

Set against the backdrop of a world plunged into darkness following an apocalypse, Dark Light boasts a striking narrative. Players navigate through enigmatic and treacherous zones that have fallen under the shroud of eternal night. By harnessing the power of cyberwares, players confront supernatural adversaries lurking within the shadows. Savage battles against hordes of creatures provide energy shards that facilitate progression. Gamers can align themselves with factions, unlock diverse skills, and face off against colossal bosses as they strive to break the cycle of perpetual darkness.

One of the game's distinguishing features lies in its dual visual options: Cinematic Mode and Pixel Mode. Cinematic Mode delivers a visually stunning experience, while Pixel Mode evokes a nostalgic pixelated aesthetic. This choice enriches the immersive journey as players traverse through six distinct biomes. Enemies and temporary power-ups evolve with each playthrough, ensuring a dynamic and unpredictable adventure.

A rigorous combat system reminiscent of Souls-Like mechanics challenges players to master timing, dodging, and parrying. The arsenal is highly customizable, offering nine melee-style weapons and six ranged base weapons, each upgradable with elemental gems for devastating effects. Character progression is achieved through loot, items, and upgrades, enhancing attributes such as Strength, Agility, Faith, Intellect, and Blood.

Play the game on Steam here.

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