Cliff Bleszinski requests Nexon to revive LawBreakers

by Danny Craig  · 
Cliff Bleszinski requests Nexon to revive LawBreakers

Former Boss Key Productions founder and CEO Cliff Bleszinski, popularly known as CliffyB, has asked Nexon’s CEO to bring back the defunct shooter after its short time on the market.

The details:

  • On April 13, Bleszinski tweeted that he had received a message from his lawyer regarding LawBreakers, Boss Key's short-lived 2017 FPS, which gave fans hope that it would be revived in some form shortly. LawBreakers was well received critically; however, it sold poorly, with many drawing comparisons to Overwatch due to its hero-based shooter gameplay and its release at a time when battle royale PUBG dominated the multiplayer space, with Fortnite's battle royale component releasing just a month later.
  • Bleszinski has since clarified that the news was not that LawBreakers will return, but that the title is still owned by the Korean-Chinese publisher Nexon. CliffyB has asked its CEO, Owen Mahoney, to "slide into his DMs" to discuss a "resurrection." In response to a fan, the former Epic Games designer stated that he was "kinda over the whole making games thing," but that he would be willing to serve as a consultant if the game was revived by a third party and Nexon. The chances of a LawBreakers revival are slim, but given the current state of the battle royale craze, it doesn't seem impossible.
  • Beginning his career at Epic Games in 1992, Bleszinski's 20-year tenure saw many successes with titles such as Jazz Jackrabbit, Unreal, and Gears of War. He left Epic in 2012, stating that he needed a break, before returning to the gaming industry with his new studio, Boss Key Productions, and announcing LawBreakers, his new arena shooter, in 2014. The studio also attempted to enter the battle royale market with Radical Heights, which was deemed a failure, leading to the studio's closure in May 2018.

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