Call of Duty developers troll cheaters with a new anti-Ray Gun counter

by Danny Craig  · 
Call of Duty developers troll cheaters with a new anti-Ray Gun counter

After players began bringing the Ray Gun "wonder weapon" from Modern Warfare III's Zombies mode into multiplayer, Sledgehammer Games implemented a new system to counter it rather than outright banning users.

The details:

  • A new limited-time mode known as "Vortex" was introduced as part of MW3's first season, pitting six players against each other as they fight over a one-shot kill Ray Gun originally found in Zombies. Cheaters, on the other hand, have found a way to bring the gun into other game modes, allowing them to wreak havoc on their opponents.

  • Instead of banning those found using the gun in ways they shouldn't, it has been announced that the developers have found an amusing method of dealing with the issue by making firing the gun kill the user. "Players illicitly accessing the Ray Gun in Multiplayer will now inflict self-damage upon use," said @CODUpdates on X.

  • The majority of players found the news amusing, while others questioned why they didn't simply ban the cheaters. While a ban is a quick fix, cheaters frequently own multiple accounts, allowing them to hop onto another and continue their reign of terror. Preventing the gun from working in-game will not only embarrass the cheater but will also prevent them from using it until the issue is addressed properly in a later patch.

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