Call of Duty 2025 is reportedly a sequel to Black Ops 2

by Danny Craig  · 
Call of Duty 2025 is reportedly a sequel to Black Ops 2

It has been reported that Treyarch is working on a direct sequel to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for a 2025 release, which will take place only five years later.

The details:

  • Multiple sources have confirmed to Insider Gaming that the semi-futuristic title, codenamed "Saturn," will send players to the future for the first time since Black Ops 4 in 2018. The BO2 sequel will be set in 2030, five years after the events of the title, and will most likely feature some of the same technology and characters as its campaign.

  • The game's multiplayer is said to include new and remastered BO2 maps, a revamped movement system, and, to many people's delight, the return of the classic "pick 10" create-a-class system, which allows players to mix and match attachments, weapons, equipment, and perks.

  • Treyarch's 2024 release, Black Ops: Gulf War, is said to feature a round-based zombies mode rather than Modern Warfare III's open-world DMZ-inspired mode, with the 2025 release also said to opt for a traditional round-based structure.

  • Activision's plan to create a much larger game for 2025 is thought to be a result of the poor reception to MW3, which was panned for its short campaign and multiplayer launch maps that were remakes of those found in 2009's MW2. MW3 was said to have been completed in just 16 months, but 2025's title is reportedly already in early development, two years away from release.

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