Call of Duty 2023’s reveal date, weapons, and more have been leaked

by Danny Craig  · 
Call of Duty 2023’s reveal date, weapons, and more have been leaked

Sledgehammer Games' upcoming Call of Duty title, believed to be Modern Warfare 3, has seen even more leaks, with key art, in-game content, and the game's official reveal date all being shared on social media.

The details:

  • This year's COD title hasn't been the most secretive of projects, with leaks dating back to the beginning of the year when it was revealed that it would be a full release rather than a "premium DLC" launch. According to leaked key art, Modern Warfare 3 will be revealed inside Warzone on August 17, as reported by MP1st. Activision confirmed in its Season 5 patch notes that an in-game reveal would take place this month as a limited time event.
  • Activision has responded to the leaks jokingly by posting its own "key art" created in Microsoft Paint with the caption "Jokes on you, real key art here. We’ll share our artistic abilities and even more next week." The image featured a stick man holding a gun against a red background, presumably referring to the red color scheme associated with MW3 after Monster Energy leaked its logo. It's unclear what will be revealed next week, but it's possible that it'll be actual teaser artwork for the game without outright "revealing" that it's MW3.
  • Last week, it was officially confirmed that MWII content, including store bought bundles, camos, and weapons, would be brought over to MW3. This means that players can expect a massive arsenal of weapons to use in the new title, including the return of fan favorites like the ACR and Uzi, which were leaked in a now-removed collage of images from what appeared to be an in-development build of the game.

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