Two brothers united in a game dev dream: Indie Soulslike "Vapor World" now demoing on Steam

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Two brothers united in a game dev dream: Indie Soulslike "Vapor World" now demoing on Steam
"Vapor World: Over The Mind" by ALIVE Inc.

The indie game scene is set to welcome an exciting new entrant with "Vapor World: Over The Mind," a game that has emerged from the shared vision and commitment of a Korean developer duo, two brothers who have combined their talents to create a unique gaming experience.

Available now as a demo on Steam, Vapor World is an action-adventure platformer that plunges players into a surreal narrative and dynamic combat within a dream world fraught with peril.

One brother's leap of faith four years ago, leaving his job to devote himself fully to game development, has culminated in this Unity-made 'soulslike' title, crafted with moody, hand-painted artistry.

In Vapor World: Over The Mind, players navigate the deepest recesses of the human psyche, taking on the role of a boy who confronts his darkest traumas.

The game challenges players to defeat formidable bosses known as the Seeds of Trauma, using stealth, strategic combat, and a range of abilities called Projections to parry and blind enemies.

As players explore this hand-drawn, eerie dream landscape, they must utilize the environment to their advantage – climbing, breaking through obstacles, and manipulating objects to forge ahead on their treacherous journey.

Currently seeking a publisher and running a Kickstarter campaign, the brothers behind ALIVE Inc. have poured their personal funds, advances, and loans into realizing their dream.

The brothers' commitment to this project, working on it alongside day jobs before making the full-time switch, speaks volumes of their dedication to the craft of game development.

With its atmospheric visuals and engaging gameplay, Vapor World: Over The Mind stands as a testament to their hard work and the power of indie development, offering a glimpse into the potential for this game to open the door to a lifelong professional collaboration between the siblings.

You can find out more about Vapor World on its official site, YouTube channel, and X account.

And you can try a demo of the game on its Steam store page and even support the project on Kickstarter, should you wish.

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