Blue June: An atmospheric puzzler

by Rachel Lyon  · 
Blue June: An atmospheric puzzler

Blue June is an upcoming 2.5D puzzle, stealth, and horror game developed by Tiny Dodo, a one-woman development team! The title currently has no set release date, but its demo has quickly gained attention for showcasing some beautiful graphics and challenging gameplay.

You'll play as a young girl tormented by terrifying nightmares that are slowly pulling you into the past. As the game progresses, your grasp of reality will slowly decline. Colors, sounds, and senses are no longer the same as the world you know begins to feel foreign.

In this mind-bending story, you must help June navigate the world and face her nightmares. One unique feature of Blue June is that as the intensity of June's nightmares and delusions increase, so will the scale and pressure of the puzzles you will face.

You'll also be able to unlock and discover secrets through engaging collectibles to give you further insight into the depths of June's mind.

Delve into the dream-like horror experience with the demo (currently available here) and start solving the mysteries of June's mind!

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