Beautiful Light: A Unique PvPvP Extraction Shooter

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Beautiful Light: A Unique PvPvP Extraction Shooter

Deep Worlds, an independent game studio, is currently developing an exciting new title called "Beautiful Light," which offers players a unique PvPvP tactical first-person extraction shooter experience. In this game, six squads of three operators each must venture into a hostile and terrifying environment to secure and extract a valuable artifact. While a release date for "Beautiful Light" has not been announced yet, the game is generating significant buzz for its immersive gameplay and intense horror elements.

Players can choose to be part of the Quick Reaction Force or take on the role of monstrous anomalies as they engage in thrilling tactical battles. The game's stunning visuals and immersive environment aim to push players to their limits, providing a steep learning curve that promises challenging and rewarding gameplay. With the emphasis on teamwork, exploration, and overcoming unique obstacles in each raid, "Beautiful Light" offers a gripping and unpredictable gaming experience.

The key to success in "Beautiful Light" lies in securing these valuable artifacts, each with distinct properties that can shape the fate of the devastated world within the game. Every raid presents a dynamic and unpredictable challenge, where players must outwit their opponents and survive the onslaught of monstrous anomalies.

Beautiful Light

With the risk of losing everything upon death, the game encourages players to make strategic decisions, including when to call for extraction and when to engage in combat. "Beautiful Light" also features RPG-like progression elements, allowing players to level up, improve their skills, and acquire valuable equipment through rewards earned by completing quests and securing artifacts.

Find the game on Steam here.

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