Astralis acquires majority share of Danish broadcasters

by Adam Fitch  ·  Updated 
Astralis acquires majority share of Danish broadcasters

Danish esports organization Astralis has diversified its offering by acquiring the majority stake in, a domestic production company and broadcaster.

Brass tacks: Astralis had already been expanding into new games and international markets over the past year.

  • Financial terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed, nor was the exact stake Astralis has acquired.
  • is a Danish production company with an emphasis on gaming, technology, and movies. It has 3.64K subscribers on YouTube at the time of publication.
  • The investment is described as a strategic move that will "support the Astralis brand" by bolstering the organization's capabilities in digital production, presence, and reach. The goal is to "further engage a fast-growing audience."

The wider story: While this may seem quite random from Astralis, it's aligned with moves that many of its competitor organizations have been making in recent years.

  • Esports is often described as a marketing exercise for developers and publishers, but it's also marketing for teams and organizations. The competitive aspect of the business is only usually lucrative through revenue share initiatives, with other initiatives like content and clothing typically providing stronger revenue streams. This is an investment into content for Astralis.
  • With Astralis acquiring Disrupt Gaming and entering North America, as well as trading publicly in both Denmark and the U.S., it's clear that the org is aiming to do more than just conquer its home market. Focus on Denmark has remained, especially with Astralis Nexus, but that management understands that there are millions of more prospective fans available in different markets and that more than competitive success is needed for financial success.
  • "Our ambition is to make the largest gaming platform in Denmark, while also growing an international audience," said Astralis Founder and CRO Jakob Lund Kristensen. "It will be the source of engaging entertainment across all channels, also providing a space to grow for some of the many talented creators in Denmark."
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