Arkane could be working on an immersive single-player RPG

by Danny Craig  · 
Arkane could be working on an immersive single-player RPG

Redfall developer Arkane Austin could potentially be returning to single-player titles after fans spotted a new job listing at the studio.

The details:

  • Twitter user Idle Sloth shared a job listing for a "Lead Technical Engineer" at the developer, which states a preference for candidates with "Familiarity with single player action-RPGs and immersive sims," implying that, following the disastrous launch of multiplayer shooter RPG Redfall in May, it's likely returning to its single-player roots. Nothing else is revealed in the job description, but we anticipate a reveal in the distant future.
  • The studio's most recent release, Redfall, was poorly received, with many players and critics praising its AI systems, online-only model, and overall bugginess, resulting in a review bomb on both Steam and Metacritic. Following its rocky launch, Xbox head Phil Spencer apologized in an interview for the game's state, saying that the negative reception was "disappointing," but that Arkane would continue working on the game to fix its issues.
  • Before Redfall, Arkane had a strong track record of success, with the Dishonored series and the Prey reboot all enjoying critical and commercial success. It's unclear whether the new project will be linked to any of its existing franchises or if it will attempt to create an entirely new IP, especially given that many of the studio's original development staff left during Redfall's development cycle.

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