Activision Blizzard faces new lawsuit for alleged "rampact sexism"

by Adam Fitch  ·  Updated 
Activision Blizzard faces new lawsuit for alleged "rampact sexism"

American video game company Activision Blizzard has been subjected to another lawsuit that alleges a current employee has faced sexual harassment and discrimination, as reported by Bloomberg.

The lawsuit: Activision Blizzard is already facing a lawsuit for an alleged "frat boy" workplace culture that has resulted in the abuse and harassment of its women employees.

  • The suit, named Doe v. Activision Blizzard Inc, involves an unnamed Senior Administrative Assistance to executives in the IT department at the Call of Duty and Overwatch developer.
  • The complainant alleges that she has experienced harassment and discrimination, and faced retaliation for opening up about those experiences. It's claimed that she was pressured into drinking alcohol, participating in degrading "cube crawls", and that she received sexual advances from colleagues.
  • Court orders requested in the suit include Activision Blizzard implementing a new Human Resources system that eliminates conflicts of interest, the use of a neutral firm to investigate the claims, and the firing of CEO Bobby Kotick.

The wider story: There's been plenty of activity in the Activision Blizzard camp as of late.

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