A short manga-inspired horror game is in the works

by Rachel Lyon  · 
A short manga-inspired horror game is in the works

22-year old game developer, Tenkaiyo, has recently shared work-in-progress videos of a game being created in Unity. Tenkaiyo is the creator of Veinless Property, Devil Catcher and Gregore, and has claimed to be working on secret projects - could this be the first of many to be revealed?

One of the standout features we've seen so far from the videos posted by Tenkaiyo is the amazing art style, reminiscent of Japanese manga. The black and white, monochrome style has been utilized frequently in indie horror games, but adding a manga-inspired art style will definitely allow this project to stand out.

Tenkaiyo has stated that the manga shader used in the development so far was set up with Shader Forge, which is a node-based shader editor that works with Unity projects.

Follow Tenkaiyo's Twitter for more updates on the game, and maybe we'll see more information on other secret projects too!

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