A new Witcher game could possibly have co-op, game modes, and a class system

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A new Witcher game could possibly have co-op, game modes, and a class system
CD Projekt RED

Fans have spotted a handful of job listings from Boston-based CD Projekt RED (CDPR) studio The Molasses Flood that point towards a Witcher title with multiplayer functionality.

The details:

  • Reddit user Awkward96 shared five links to active job listings on the r/GamingLeaksAndRumors subreddit that were discovered on The Molasses Flood ATS. The collection of listings appears to provide some insight into features that may appear in the studio's upcoming Witcher entry. The five job postings are mostly for senior positions in world building, narrative direction, combat design, and, most notably, multiplayer design.
  • Aside from the job title confirming multiplayer functionality, the Senior Multiplayer Designer description states that the applicant must be "highly passionate about multiplayer games and systems (game modes, class design, player progression, social activities, etc.)," implying that the game may be entirely multiplayer given the extensive list of systems provided. The candidate would also benefit from prototyping "multiplayer Co-Op/PvE" games, implying that the game could be a co-op game similar to The Division.
  • The Technical Game Designer listing is where things start to get really interesting, with "experience working with procedural generation systems" listed in the "nice to have" section. Some have speculated on what the procedural generation could be used for, theorizing that the game might include rogue-like elements, though most have pointed out that developers commonly use it to create basic landscapes and more lifelike cutscene animations.
  • The project will also be a "stylized game," which will be entirely new for the franchise but will complement The Molasses Flood's previous work with Drake Hollow and The Flame in the Flood.

What else is going on at CDPR?

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