A new Sonic title will arrive in 2024, according to “leaked” document

by Danny Craig  · 
A new Sonic title will arrive in 2024, according to “leaked” document

A new leaked document allegedly from Sega of America includes a timeline of upcoming Sonic projects at the publisher, including plans for a new game, TV shows, and DLC.

The details:

  • An alleged document from the publisher was shared via Reddit last week and has since been removed, though the author of the original post noted key information from the presentation. The leak, according to the user who shared it, came from 4chan and has been reposted to X by user @DPlexHD.
  • According to the document, a new TV series based on Knuckles the Echidna will premiere in Q1 2024, along with a third season of the Netflix animated series Sonic Prime and a third Sonic film in December. A new mobile game is also expected to be released in the spring of 2024, with Sonic Superstar DLC following at some point during the year.
  • It is stated that a new Sonic game will be released in "Holiday 2024," with a "Prologue" for the title being released ahead of time. Although little else is known about the game, it is assumed that it will be a 3D Sonic game due to Sega stating that it must offer both styles, with Sonic Superstars sporting a 2.5D style and Sonic Frontiers using 3D.
  • Although the document's legitimacy has been called into question, it appears to align with a previous leak from early 2022, which has proven to be somewhat accurate so far. According to the earlier leak, Sega intends to release a third film in 2024, along with a new 3D Sonic game and a spin-off, which could possibly be the mobile title.

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