A Journey into Darkness Reimagined: 'FAITH 64' Remakes a Cult Classic

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A Journey into Darkness Reimagined: 'FAITH 64' Remakes a Cult Classic
StageFryte & The Bonsai Treehouse

In the realm of indie horror games, few have left a mark as significant as Airdorf's 'FAITH.' The chilling tale of a priest confronting a failed exorcism delved deep into the cultural zeitgeist of satanic panic.

Today, fan developers StageFryte and The Bonsai Treehouse are set to reignite those fears with 'FAITH 64,' a fan-made remake that seeks to enhance the original game with modern technology while preserving its unique retro essence.

The game features a cinematic widescreen presentation, polygonal graphics, new death scenes, and improved audio-visual elements, alongside the original's iconic locations, dialogue, multiple endings, and Easter eggs.

StageFryte & The Bonsai Treehouse

The collaborative effort between StageFryte and The Bonsai Treehouse is an embodiment of their shared passion for horror and game development.

StageFryte led the way with 3D modeling, animation, texture work, and public relations, while The Bonsai Treehouse handled gameplay programming, project management, audio design, and additional art and UI assets.

Their combined efforts have resulted in a game that not only revitalizes the original but also introduces new surprises that were absent from modern versions of 'FAITH: Chapter One.'

StageFryte & The Bonsai Treehouse

The project has utilized a range of tools and resources, including Unreal Engine 5.2.1, Blender 3.6.0, and Audacity 3.3.3, among others. Phyrnna (HalcyonicFalconX on YouTube) has contributed music for the car radio in the VS. Mode.

With all these elements in place, 'FAITH 64' stands as a testament to the timeless appeal of 'FAITH' and the potential for fan-made content to breathe new life into classic games. Just remember: this is a game for mature audiences only, so steel your nerves before diving back into the darkness.

Check out the full launch trailer from StageFryte's YouTube channel below:

And find out more about the game and download it (for free) here. Enjoy!

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