18 minutes of Payday 3 gameplay has leaked online

by Danny Craig  · 
18 minutes of Payday 3 gameplay has leaked online
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Ahead of its release in September, 18 minutes of raw Payday 3 footage have made their way onto the internet from a Vietnamese content creator.

The details:

  • The leaked footage appears to have been captured by a Vietnamese content creator and provides us with an unfiltered look at one of the game's bank heists as well as some extra details as Overkill Software's very own Almir Listo appears to answer questions and guide the new player throughout the recording. Although most of it has already been seen and heard about, this is likely to be the closest to the final build we'll see before its September release.
  • The clip begins with the player's poor attempt at stealth before everything goes loud, prompting the squad to begin trading bullets with the bank's security and police forces. From there, everything appears to be very similar to the gameplay formula of Payday 2, including the use of thermite to burn through the floor to break into the vault, while several optional tasks such as breaking into a deposit box and speeding up the fire with additional thermite appear on occasion. Players must then carry their loot bags to a nearby van before fleeing with their spoils.
  • As the content creator progresses through the mission, more information about the game is revealed, including the return of the hostage system from its predecessor, which allows players to break their teammates out of custody by trading civilian and police hostages during "regrouping" periods after a full-fledged assault has ended. According to Almir, the title has eight heists planned for after its release, with more to come in the future, while Payday 2 has received a total of 80 heists since its release in 2013.

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