Ubisoft now has 11 Assassin’s Creed games planned, including a Black Flag remake

by Danny Craig  · 
Ubisoft now has 11 Assassin’s Creed games planned, including a Black Flag remake

It has been claimed that between all of Ubisoft’s development studios, a total of 11 Assassin’s Creed games have been pitched and discussed internally as the company plans to go "all in" on the franchise.

The details:

  • Back in February, it was reported that the publisher had 10 different projects relating to the series in the works at various studios, but that number has now risen to 11 following rumors of a remake of the pirate-themed entry Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. Even though Skull and Bones, Ubisoft Singapore's pirate title that began as a Black Flag expansion, is in development hell, it appears that the company is not letting this stop it from jumping on the remake trend by updating one of the series' most beloved entries.
  • It was reported in May that Ubisoft is expanding its Assassin's Creed development team by 40% with new hires and talent from other projects to work on the franchise "over the coming years." The decision to focus on the series was made in response to the success of the most recent title, Valhalla, which had a playerbase that was 44% larger than that of Origins in 2017 and 19% larger than the previous title, Odyssey, in the same timeframe.
  • Ubisoft's studios in Sofia, Chengdu, and Annecy are working on Project Nebula, Raid, and Echoes, in addition to the upcoming mainline titles Mirage and Nexus. Nebula will take place in three different settings: the Mediterranean, India, and the Aztec Empire; Raid will be a four-player co-op title starring characters from previous series entries; and Echoes will be a multiplayer title utilizing Ubisoft's Scalar cloud technology. There is no information regarding the release dates of these projects as of yet.
  • For a while, rumors about Codename Red have circulated, including the fact that it will feature two playable characters, a shinobi and a samurai, in its feudal Japan setting, and that it will be released in late 2024. A Nexus sequel is also reportedly being discussed internally before the first title is even released, possibly indicating Ubisoft's desire to make a stronger push into the VR space. The two projects with little information so far are codenamed Hexe and Invictus, and both are said to be in pre-production with a release date of 2025-26.

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