What does "GGWP" mean in gaming? Explained


What does GGWP stand for in gaming?

'GGWP' is an abbreviation of ‘good game, well played’, a phrase often used in online games.

When is GGWP normally used in a game?

GGWP is usually said after the end of a period of play. This could be the end of a half, map, or series. It’s seen as a sign of good sportsmanship between players and a way to show respect once a match has finished. Some players may instead choose to use 'GG' or 'WP' on their own, as it's quicker to type two characters and still conveys the same message.

There’s no harm in dropping these four quick letters of respect to your opponents after a game ends (unless they've been BMing throughout the match).

Can GGWP have any other meanings?

Like many other gaming terms, GGWP can also be used sarcastically. If a member of the opposing team makes a rather stupid or miscalculated play, they may catch a quick GGWP, GG, or WP in chat from the player that left them in the dirt.

This can be viewed as toxic but it’s not usually that serious. Just be careful not to jinx yourself; karma can catch you quick.