Withersworn: A high-fantasy indie adventure game

by Rachel Lyon  · 
Withersworn: A high-fantasy indie adventure game
Andre Sargeant

Withersworn is a high-action, high-mobility, and high-fantasy indie adventure skillfully developed by solo game dev, Andre Sargent.

It is a unique action game combining speed and style to provide a free-flowing and satisfying moving experience. As a Withersworn, your powers allow you to utilize a grapple that allows you to approach and overcome obstacles and challenges.

You play as an elite knight, tasked to protect the kingdom and stop the withering. In the surreal dystopian land, a powerful resource known as Resin has been used to advance technology, but at a high cost to humanity. As you explore the world's open areas with your board you will increase your speed and mobility, allowing you to adventure in a way that suits you.

The game has a unique intuitive design. Scrapping health bars and 'bullet-sponge' enemies, in Withersworn the enemies will have visual feedback and respond differently based on your inputs. Every hit will impact specific enemy areas and can alter their behaviours.

Explore the deep and lore-filled world of Withersworn soon, when it releases on Steam!

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